Welcome! I’m so glad that we connected!

DSC_0341My name is Lindsey Hintz and my passion is helping people live an abundant, vibrant life. I believe this can be done by utilizing the power of food to heal your body from the inside out so you can then live a lifestyle without limitations. I myself LOVE food and have always been frustrated because I could never lose those last 10 pounds. I didn’t feel confident, hated how I looked in clothes and felt that it hampered my athletic performance and overall life among other things.

And then I found the solution I had frantically been searching for over half my life. The answer was and is SIMPLE. It had been right in my face the entire time. I lost the weight I needed to lose, I gained more energy, my confidence, my athletic performance continues to progress and without injury, I love how I look in feel in my clothes and the best part is that I am able to live a high quality lifestyle doing as much as my heart desires!

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain more energy, perform better at your sport, have better overall health and wellness or just be able to do the things you love, I’d love to help YOU reach your goals. I’ll teach you how you can eat more than ever before (and I’m not talking about gluttony), never diet again and create a healthy relationship with food to lose weight, keep it off and live a life where you’re thriving, not just surviving. I would be honored to get you started on your own individualized plan, so click HERE to get started.